Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How to find RAM size, CPU speed and CPU count in Solaris Sparc System

1.)Question: How to find the number of CPU, CPU Speed and RAM size?
Ans: prtdiag

Command Name: prtdiag
Purpose: To display the system diagnostics information

[st39422@dios8:/home/st39422]#/usr/sbin/prtdiag -v
System Configuration: Sun Microsystems  sun4u Sun Ultra 45 Workstation
System clock frequency: 200 MHZ
Memory size: 2GB

==================================== CPUs ====================================
               E$          CPU                    CPU
CPU  Freq      Size        Implementation         Mask    Status      Location
---  --------  ----------  ---------------------  -----   ------      --------
0    1600 MHz  1MB         SUNW,UltraSPARC-IIIi    3.4    on-line     MB/0

============================ Memory Configuration ============================
Segment Table:
Base Address       Size       Interleave Factor  Contains
0x0                2GB               4           BankIDs 0,1,2,3


2.) Question: How to find the number of CPU?
Ans: psrinfo

Command Name: psrinfo
Purpose: To display information about processors

[st39422@dios8:/home/st39422]#psrinfo -p

3.) Question: How to find the memory size(RAM)?
Ans: prtconf

Command Name: prtconf
Purpose: To print system configuration

[st39422@dios8:/home/st39422]#prtconf -v | grep 'Memory'
Memory size: 2048 Megabytes


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