Saturday, April 2, 2011

How to remove CONTROL-M characters in UNIX or Linux

Control-m characters will get appended to a file when a file is transferred from windows to UNIX machine. There are multiple ways it can be removed.

Using vi editor:

Using col command:
cat filename | col -b > newfilename

Using sed command:
sed 's/^M//g' filename > newfilename

Using dos2unix comand:
dos2unix filename newfilename


volcano@volcano-laptop:~/shellscript/ctrl$ cat -v jsk
volcano@volcano-laptop:~/shellscript/ctrl$ cat jsk | col -b >
volcano@volcano-laptop:~/shellscript/ctrl$ cat -v
volcano@volcano-laptop:~/shellscript/ctrl$ sed 's/^M//g' jsk > jsk.new2
volcano@volcano-laptop:~/shellscript/ctrl$ cat -v jsk.new2

Note: Hold the control key and then press v and m to get the control-m character


ujjwal singh said...

Thanks Sujay,

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venkatesh reddy said...

using any of the above command(sed,dos2unix,etc) i am not able clear CONTROL-M characters. Please suggest us to solve this issue.

Murali said...

Great job! thanks a million !!
I used the following command from the above and it worked like a champ. I am on AIX 6.1

cat filename | col -b > newfilename

Thanks a lot!!!!

mahasiswa teladan said...

hi...Im student from Informatics engineering nice article,
thanks for sharing :)

rahim said...

Very goo, Thanks :)

James Sa said...

why dos2unix doesn't remove ^M if the dos text file has ^M without line feed?

Seshank satavilli said...

I am not able to remove the ^M characters.

the contents of the file:


How to remove these?

Desired content in the file

Thanks in advance.

Bogon said...

For the inline ^M, you can use this:

$ sed 's/\cM/\n/g' file.txt > newfile.txt

This assumes that your text stream ends with a newline (conventionally \n)

murali krishna said...

Command suggested through vim doesnt work. Instead try this

Sri said...

I have tried Col option which really helped me. Thanks much

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